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Dwayne Leonard

Western Photographer 

As a wrangler for the Hunewill Ranch I have spent many hours in the saddle riding the Eastern Sierra Mountains and the high deserts of N. Nevada. I try to capture my experiences in my photography and preserve the memories I have developed riding in this beautiful country.

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Dwayne Leonard


It has been said that a person who loves his job never goes to work. 

I retired in 1998 and started out on the road to fulfill my passion, cowboying and photography.  For the last several years now I have been making my living from the back of a horse. I embarked upon this new career by helping friends brand, gather and doctor their cattle. The more I learned about cowboying the more I loved it.  After three or so years of learning "cowology" I was hired by the Hunewill Cattle Ranch in 2001 as a wrangler and ranch photographer. Working for the Hunewill 
Ranch I am able to fulfill both passions of photography and cowboying with the wonderful opportunity of meeting and making friends with guests of the ranch from all over the world.

My love for my job and the beautiful West has been the inspiration for my photography with the goal to capture the moment that will preserve memories.


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Guestbook for Ranch Memories Photography
10.janet barnes(non-registered)
Dwayne, Your photographs are ethereal! Splendid artistry!
9.Steven R Graboff MD(non-registered)
It's been about a year since I took the 1st incredible photography workshop with Dwayne at Hunewill Ranch (see my previous post from September 2015) and I spent the last year honing the skills I learned from Dwayne. I just returned from the 2016 photo workshop and I again am immensely impressed with the depth of knowledge and teaching skills that Dwayne has.

This was more of an advanced class with emphasis on artistic composition and post production work in Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Dwayne again raised my skills to levels I never imagined.

I has a blast! and I highly recommend his photo workshop to photographers of all levels.

One day we hiked along the the Walker River shooting wildlife (in howling wind and rain, and then sun), had an outstanding lunch, and then drove to Dodie Meadows where we photographed wild Mustangs and breathtaking sky and landscapes until dark.

We spent another day going through the hundred of photos in post production and created a wonderful slideshow that was presented to the other guests at the Ranch.

Needless to say, at the end of this workshop I suddenly found my pictures having a significantly obvious artistic quality whereas before they were simply pictures "documenting a moment or place." ( a snapshot in time versus a piece of visual art).

All the credit goes to Dwayne to get me to this level, and the hospitality at Hunewill Ranch is above and beyond.

If you are a photographer of any level (even only using your DSLR on automatic mode) you will not find a better instructor, at a most beautiful location, and at a bargain price, to elevate your photographic skills to levels you never thought possible.

Thanks Dwayne for an awesome week, and see you next year.
8.Jeremy Finer(non-registered)
Love your photos! So beautiful.
6.Cathy Acciari/Shutterbugs Camera Club(non-registered)
Dwayne recently came to our meeting and gave a great program on his photography and his work at the Hunewill Ranch in Bridgeport, CA. His photography reflects the ranch/cowboy way of life and his work is beautiful. The program was informative as he told us techniques that he used in some of his shots and shared some tips with us. We even got a little history on the ranch. Beautiful work!
5.Dr. Dr. Pitts AKA Richard(non-registered)
September 2015
Fellow photographers

I just completed a three day photography course at the Hunewill Ranch in Bridgeport, CA taught by Dwayne Leonard. What a superb class it was! I had never moved past the “program” setting on my Nikon D800. But within a day or so, I was on pure manual taking pictures and making shots that I never would have been able to make using the program setting of the camera.
We spent a chunk of time understanding the limits of the digital camera and understanding that funny thing called the histogram. I used to routinely delete pictures that I took because they were too dark on the LCD review screen. Little did I know that I might have a terrific shot that I could work with in post-production. Using the histogram as an indicator would tell me if I blew the shot or if I had a good chance of bringing the shot to life in post-production. There are dozens more tips that I picked up during the class and one on one time with Dwayne. And so will you!
As far as a setting to take a photography class, you won’t find a better one than the High Sierras and Hunewill Ranch. Set at 6,500 feet on a huge expanse of land, photographic opportunities abound. One day, we got up before sunrise and took a trip to the picturesque Mono Lake. I made some shots there that I am thrilled with of water, reflections and unique birds. Another trip was to Bodie an abandoned mining town. I stood in one place for an hour shooting away with too much material to photograph.
In conclusion, you won’t meet a nicer man than Dwayne. That plus his vast knowledge of photography and use of “Lightroom” will give you a huge bump in your photography skills and knowledge. I plan to take the next level class that he is planning now. Figure out which level you should take and sign up for the class. You won’t regret it.
Dr. Dr. Pitts AKA Richard