My first Blog as a Western Photographer

March 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

Dwayne Leonard Western PhotographerTaken just prior to riding out into the Eastern Sierras.



Dwayne Leonard

Western Photographer 

As a wrangler for the Hunewill Ranch I have spent many hours in the saddle riding the Eastern Sierra Mountains and the high deserts of N. Nevada. I try to capture my experiences in my photography and preserve the memories I have developed riding in this beautiful country.

It was a very cold morning as I rode out into the pasture areas of the Hunewill Ranch, at the foot of the Eastern Sierra Mountains, to wrangle into the barnyard about 160 horses. They were all in the far fields about one mile from the ranch.  Their heads lifted up from the grassy ground with ears perked and pointed right at me as they heard me coming. The younger horses were feeling good, having rested and grazed all night and took off at a dead run. As they neared the barn on a dusty path their dust, lit by the early morning sun, silhouetted the slower horses.  Always having my Nikon D800 strapped to my side in hopes of such a photographic moment, I jumped off, drew my camera from its Spider Camera Holster and started shooting.  I was excited about the morning shots and could hardly wait to load them on my computer so I could get a better look but I knew it would be a long day and it would be evening before I would be able to upload those photos, along with 400 plus photos I took of the guests that day.


I ended up with three favorites from that moment in time. They will be featured in some of my next blogs. While working on Blue Morning, in post development I could see that this photo needed to go to black & white with a blue tent to really tell the true story of that cold! “ Blue Morning”.


Julie and Keith Willard(non-registered)
Dwayne, this is a wonderful undertaking. Your words capture beautifully the setting of your photos, what was happening at the time and processes you used to develop the photograph. We look forward to more blogs from you!
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