Mustang Photography Tour 

Mustangs in their natural habitat. 

Join me in this experience of a lifetime.

Walk among these amazing animals as they graze,

play and fight to protect their family and territory.


I have scheduled the weeks for the Mustang PhotoTour in Dobie Meadows this coming June 5 to 10 and June 11 to 16 . This coming year, in addition to photographing the mustangs, I am hoping to have a new and exciting area to do our Milky Way/night photography. It is located on the east side of Mono Lake which will give us a great angle for photographing the Milky Way. The land was recently acquired by the Hunewill family and I have already spoken with Jeff Hunewill regarding this and just need to get it mapped out and make sure we will be able to get there with 4wheel vehicles. We may even be able to see some mustangs back there. Dates are listed below. Please note that each group will be limited to 6 people.



Day 1 - Check in, Group meeting at 5 pm, dinner, Sunset at Mono Lake West side.

Day 2 -  6:30 AM Sunrise Mono Lake, South Side, 8 AM Mustangs Dobie Meadows (west). Dinner 6PM, Sunset Mono Lake, South side.

Day 3 - 7:30 Mustangs Dobie Meadows (east), Dinner 6PM, Sunset and Milky Way, east end of Mono Lake.

Day 4 -Tour and Photographing the Hunewill Ranch which was founded in 1961and is still an active cattle ranch. In the after noon tour and photography the ghost town of Bodie. 

Day 5 - Time permitted  sunrise and then return to Motel for check out.

  $500 per person for the 5 days.

Please contact me at [email protected] for hotel reservations and for the booking of this Mustang Photo Tour.

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