Mustangs in their natural habitat. 

Join me in this experience of a lifetime.

Walk among these amazing animals as they graze,

play and fight to protect their family and territory.



For the last five plus years I have been studying and photographing these amazing mustangs capturing them in their own natural environment.
Witness their behavior and actions. Photograph stallion's responses to intruders that dare to invade their claimed area or the mares when they sense danger to their young.

Each workshop will include three days photographing the mustangs in Eastern California and Nevada and one day photographing different points of interest along the Eastern Sierras, some of most beautiful country in the world.

Workshop dates:

Workshop One - May 24 to 27, 2020

Workshop Two - May 30 to June 2, 2020

Bridgeport, California

Four day workshop $475 

Two day workshop $250

Workshop deposits, ( $150) are due by April 1. 

Room and board not included.

Recommended hotels are:  

Virginia Creek Settlement. ( highly recommend )Very affordable prices and very nice rooms. This hotel books up fast do to the opening of fishing season.

Walker River Lodge (866-377-9538)

Ruby Inn (760-932-7241)

Bridgeport Inn (760-932-7380)

Redwood Motel (760-932-7060)

Silver Maple Inn ((760-932-7383)


Hotels in this area book fast and reservations should be made by April 1.